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DANRYO provides a clean, relaxed Japanese style environment in Tokyo Shinjuku 2-chome(gay town).

where you can take a rest and socialize with

other gay or bisexual people in Japan.
We open 24hours a day,7days a week.

locker room,lounge, shower room, dormitory,
private room, free rest space.
Men only

*Dress code: only underwear*

(Excluding the 8th floor)



・For adults only.(under 30's) 
・Drugs are not permitted in the venue.
・Smoking is only allowed in the smoking area.
・Inappropriate behavior towards other customer and staff will not be tolerated.
・Phones or soundable devices is only allowed with earphones in the private room.
・If you have a large luggage, please use the other luggage depositing spot.